#206: Seaforth Peace Park

“very noisy. Not the best location for a park.”

#16 in Kitsilano

1620 Chesnut Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A fairly small strip of land right in front of the Seaforth Armoury where it gets half its name, the “peace” part can refer both to the memorial fountain that commemorates the bombing of Hiroshima, a group of peace trees planted in the 1980s, or the number of large peace rallies that would often start here, a staging ground before crossing the Burrard Street Bridge. 

All interesting history, and there’s a few interesting sculptures to look at, but as a park it’s incredibly noisy given its proximity to the bridge. And there’s no amenities for kids, or enough space to do much but have lunch. 

But it’s definitely the only park in Vancouver that has an engraved recipe for soup. 

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