#186: Bates Park

“Almost no one goes there, there is nothing worth seeing, and the nearby Highway 1 is noisy!”

#14 in Hastings-Sunrise

669 Fellowes Park

For Kids


For Adults






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Jammed between the Second Narrows Bridge and Boundary Road, the most northeastern bit of land in Vancouver used to belong to the Bates Family, who bequeathed their property to the city for use as a park. 

To call it a “park” is a stretch though. It’s mostly a small collection of short, somewhat patchy trails that connect with the Trans-Canada Trail and Burnaby’s Montrose Park. 

The highlight is a collection of homemade treehouses that are charming if you feel safe enough to climb up to them, providing a unique view of the Burrard Inlet.

Unless you’re a fan of the show Supernatural. Then, the highlight is getting to see the entrance to the Men of Letters bunker in the flesh. 

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