#185: Deering Island Park

“Very small park that is pretty, generally quite empty as well.”

#6 in Dunbar-Southlands

3530 Deering Island Place

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A tiny island on the southwest corner of Vancouver that served as both farmland and residential area for BC Packers cannery workers, Deering Island was transformed into a small suburban-style single-family development with waterfront views in the 1980s. 

While the push by some Vancouver residents to turn the entire island into a park failed, in 1999 a park was officially proclaimed on its far west side. A small green space next to the road transitions to a walking path next to the water for 70 metres or so. 

Perfectly pleasant for island-dwellers, in other words. Plenty of more interesting waterfront options for the rest of us, however.  

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