#170: Cariboo Park

“small and not crowded.”

#14 in Renfrew-Collingwood

3450 East 29th Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


The Renfrew-Collingwood area of Vancouver has more than a dozen parks across its neighbourhood, none of which are destination parks, but only one of which (Foster) could truly be considered mediocre.

That means we’re going to see a bunch of them in the middle part of our survey — stout parks that serve the community without being particularly special unto themselves. 

Cariboo is one of them — a small park along 29th Avenue, it has a lot of good elements (including a pond, playground and shaded field) that don’t fully come together. 

Part of that is due to the design that doesn’t really give definition to any area, everything sort of blending into one another. Part of it is due to the noise from 29th making it less than fully peaceful. 

And part of it is none of the elements are really exciting by themselves (the pond is non-existent in the summer, while the playground is fairly good for its size, but just two structures).  

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