#169: Downtown Skate Park

“It’s a skate park for people into skateboarding. If you like that then this place is for you.”

#16 in Downtown

Quebec & Union Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


It was with much fanfare that a fully dedicated skate park was approved by the city back in 2003, building on the city’s heritage of welcoming the sport from the days of China Creek South being one of the continent’s first sanctioned skate parks in the 1970s. 

Today, the skate park under the viaducts at Union and Quebec is well-regarded, partly because its plaza style is fairly rare in a world of more traditional skate bowls, and partly due to its convenient location and unique viaduct roof. 

Its future is something of a mystery though — when the viaducts come down the skatepark will have to be removed as well. For the moment, it serves its limited purpose quite well. 

Even if the name is a little on the nose.

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