#163: Point Grey Road Park

“You can’t give that view anything less than 5 stars/”

#12 in Kitsilano

3215 Point Grey Road

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For Adults






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If there was ever a unnamed park in the city that screamed for a formal name, it’s the awkwardly named “Point Grey Park Site at Trutch Street”, recognizing the park is on “Trutch Street”, named for Joseph Trutch, B.C.’s first lieutenant-governor who is now widely acknowledged as B.C.’s most notoriously influential politician when it came to displacing and disenfranchising Indigenous people. 

Now that we’ve got that rant out of the way, this park is a lot like the other Point Grey pocket parks, but with one key element — a little wooden cantilever deck that juts out into the ocean, which has been there since the park’s earliest days in the 1970s. 

How the park looked after it was first created. Courtesy Vancouver Archives.

Not only does it give a beautiful view, if you’re prepared enough you could probably set up a unique picnic.

Though you might have some competition for the spot. 

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