#108: Garden Park

“Pretty average mid-century suburban block park.”

#10 in Grandview-Woodland

1851 Garden Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


It’s a generic park with a generic name.

That may be a tad rude, but it’s also a fair description. An assuming city block near 1st and Nanaimo, Garden Park has a small field, tennis and basketball courts, a playground and a field house all clumped together, with trees on all sides and few extra flourishes. 

It is essentially the Vancouver Special of parks, both in the fact that it seems like it hasn’t been updated since 1983, and that it’s so well used and beloved that its relative specialness is rather besides the point. 

Which also means that, if we’re being objective, it could use an upgrade. The playground is rather small and toddler-specific, while the soccer field could use maintenance (or perhaps there should be a designated dog park closer than 1.5km away). 

Like any well-loved garden though, there’s evidence of lots of love, even in the absence of anything unique. 

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