#56: Everett Crowley Park

“Great dog park with tons of trails and cute doggos.”

#2 in Killarney

8200 Kerr Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


The story of Everett Crowley Park, 38 hectares of urban wilderness in the far southeast of the city, is well celebrated: the city’s largest landfill for decades in the middle of the 20th century, it was closed for nearly 20 years, slowly being reclaimed by nature (and losing residue methane gas) before becoming a park in 1987. 

That was largely due to the persistence of local residents, many of whom volunteered in the years after to improve the park by removing invasive plants. Now, the park is a large collection of small trails, along with a duck pond, a small meadow, ample room for off-leash dogs, and a few reminders of its landfill past, including a giant tractor tire one can hypothetically jump into. 

It’s a credit to Vancouver to have a place like this, so it almost feels unfair to point out that the trails are a little repetitive, or that it sometimes feels like a tree tunnel with few open spaces or real views, or that there’s nothing particularly here for kids. 

It’s a good park and a wonderful atmosphere though, one that 20 years ago was in danger of being shrunk so Fraserview Golf Course could expand to accommodate a potential PGA Tour event that was being held in Surrey. 

That golf tournament no longer exists. Odds are Everett Crowley will, and for a long time to come. 

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