#51: Brewers Park

“Spectacular renewal of this park.”

#4 in Kensington-Cedar Cottage

4175 Victoria Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


An extensive renovation of Brewers means it’s essentially a different park now from what it once was, with only the small soccer field on the far west side remaining. And it’s a change for the better.

Before, the park had a playground, basketball court and tennis court After the $1.8 million renovation, it has…a playground, basketball court, and tennis court.

But they are new, with the basketball/tennis court having vibrant colours, and they’ve created plenty of opportunity for skateboarding with the new design. The new trees, picnic tables and community gardens are all solid as well. 

The highlight of the renovation is the playground, particularly the very tall slide that integrates with other play structures in a quirky but fun design that has a cartoony visual aesthetic.

The bottom sport part of the park doesn’t particularly integrate with the top playground area well, and Brewers has almost too much of a “new park sheen” at the moment.

A more lived-in authentic feel will come in time though. For now, it’s still an excellent renovation, and a great park for families in the area.

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