#34: West Point Grey Park

“It’s a park. Not much to say. Good basketball hoops.”

#3 in West Point Grey

2250 Trimble Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Yes, it’s called West Point Gray Park. Not Trimble Park, even though it’s on Trimble Street, even though people call it Trimble Park, even though the biggest annual community event (the Point Grey Fiesta) advertises itself as being at Trimble Park, even though the City of Vancouver itself acknowledges that’s what it’s often called. 

Get that annoyance out of your system, and it’s an excellent example of the city’s “big old field” template.

Part of that comes from the park being on top of a cliff leading to the Jericho Lands, allowing expansive views of downtown and the North Shore. But it’s also because of clever design choices, like a basketball court separating the two baseball fields, or a tall row of trees separating the green space from the playground area. 

(That playground area is fine enough — while the main play equipment is dated, there is a lot of it, and there’s a newer mini-rock climbing wall that is also lots of fun).

And part of the appeal frankly comes from the sheer number of amenities available. In fact, outside of Stanley, it’s one of only six parks in the city with washrooms, tennis and basketball courts, fields for baseball and general sports, and a playground. 

Add in a great lawn bowling facility and a lack of any real noise, and it’s clear why it has a great reputation, by any name you call it.

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