#31: Prince Edward Park

“Great little park.”

#3 in Riley Park

3773 Prince Edward Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


There’s nothing amazing about Prince Edward Park, which is why you’ll never see it in a touristy promotional campaign. It’s a neighbourhood park next to an elementary school, where the grass slopes down from the street and a large field is the centrepiece. You know, a Vancouver park.  

Despite the lack of bells and whistles, there is plenty that’s very good. For kids, there’s solid play equipment for all ages, including a climbing triangle, three slides and some fake drums. And there’s a fun mushroom-themed spray park that may not excite the older ones, but has an excellent vibe to it.

For adults, there’s a serviceable field for soccer or baseball, and a number of places with strategically placed trees and boulders for general chillaxing.

For everyone, there’s a field house with washrooms and generous fountains. 

Add in a community garden, and a few random pieces of fitness equipment, and you’ve got pretty much the platonic ideal of a sneakily good neighbourhood park; a community space that pretty much anyone can use for all sorts of purposes.

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