#28: Musqueam Park

“One of the serene running walking trails in a major city in the world.”

#1 in Dunbar-Southlands

4000 SW Marine Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A lot of your enjoyment of Musqueam Park will depend on how much you enjoy Pacific Spirit Park or the inland Stanley Park trails.

That’s essentially the draw of Musqueam Park — named for the First Nation (one of three whose unceded lands include Vancouver) with extensive lands next to the park — and your mileage for this score will vary a lot depending on those feelings. Outside a couple generic sports fields, there’s not much here other than those trails.

But they are lovely: serene, tree-lined, with plenty of birds in the air and creeks and ferns on the ground, some dramatic river valleys and some areas that feel as though they haven’t been touched in centuries. It’s part of the Musqueam Park Walk, a 5km loop that has a number of pieces of art and markers of Musqueam culture and history along the way. 

There’s a number of places where you can go off the trail and find a little bike jump, or a half-completed (but safe!) treehouse, or a couple wooden benches to immerse yourself in the wilderness some more. 

There are plenty of other areas in Metro Vancouver where you can get a similar experience of being surrounded by old trees while being cut off from the hustle of the city, but this is really the only park dedicated to that within the City of Vancouver, and that counts for something.

Plus, we’re pretty certain it’s the only park in Vancouver where people bring their horses on a regular basis.  

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