#96: Tisdall Park

“Best free outdoor gym I know in Vancouver.”

#1 in Oakridge

6210 Tisdall Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A few years ago, we opined that the real dividing line in Vancouver isn’t between the west and east side, but north and south. 

The take annoyed some folks on the east, presumably because they had carved out an identity based on Not Being A Kits Yuppie, but statistics around public amenities, cultural spaces, elected officials — even things like bike racks or electric vehicle stations — showed the most important geographic marker in the city wasn’t Main or Cambie, but King Edward or 41st. 

And that becomes clear when you walk the city for an entire summer, looking for great parks. In particular, the area in the middle of the Vancouver between 41st and 60th Avenue — east of West Boulevard but west of Fraser — feels like the person playing SimCity got lazy, clicked and dragged a whole bunch of low-density residential, and then panicked and plugged in a giant mall at Cambie and a few scattered parks.

Exercise equipment is one of the amenities in the large but relatively quiet Tisdall. Courtesy Richard Eriksson/Flickr

Among those parks, Tisdall is one of the best — a sprawling, peaceful park, with plenty of big, leafy trees. With no slopes and no views, the overall feel is decidedly not Vancouver (for whatever reason, multiple people in our group felt Montreal vibes), but the field, shady area and basic but fairly modern playground are all separated nicely, and all do what they need to. There’s also an exercise area next to the playground, with a good number of contraptions for some light cardio. We came here twice during our research; both times there were plenty of people relaxing, neither time was it particularly full.

You have to travel two kilometres in any direction to get to any sort of comparable multi-use park, and that is disappointing. That we’ve reached our first “best park of the neighbourhood” so early in our rankings is somewhat surprising. Remove the disappointment that Tisdall exemplifies for the north-south gap in the city though, and you’ll have a pleasant time. 

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