#93: McSpadden Park

“a nice place for dogs to run around i guess.”

#6 in Grandview-Woodland

2125 Victoria Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


There aren’t many superlatives to throw around for McSpadden, but it’s a big public space just a half-block east of Commercial Drive and 5th Avenue, well-used by the community and home to the beginning of the Vancouver Dyke March each year.

It’s your typical field+playground+tennis court setup, but the playground has a lot of elements and is sheltered at the bottom of a little bowl, adding visual flair. The field is, well, a field, but there’s plenty of room, and the grassy slope and tree canopy from the east provides a good variety of places to hang out.

There’s a bike path around the perimeter, an average community garden, and a delightful painting of cartoon bees next to the playground.

All good things! Nothing that really screams an attraction unto itself! And yet, neighbourhoods need solid parks like these, and McSpadden achieves what it needs to.

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