#91: Jones Park

“Ship climbing apparatus is slightly too small for adults. Fitting through the openings will be a tight squeeze!”

#10 in Kensington-Cedar Cottage

5350 Commercial Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Jones Park recently completed a million-dollar renovation, with mixed results.

First, the good: the new playground is pretty fun for young children, with a giant pirate ship and a sea snail providing a nautical theme. It’s surrounded by shady trees, and there’s some new exercise equipment. The picnic tables and lounge chairs nearby for adults make it a perfectly fine place to spend an hour with the kids.

All things considered though, the playground is on the smaller end of things. And 90% of the park continues to be a big field exposed to the sun with little to do but play soccer. There was also an excellent chance to make the main entrance of the park — right next to a stretch of good food options along Victoria Drive — a really inviting area and gathering area in the southeast quadrant of the city.  

Instead, it’s just a plain flat cement area with virtually no picnic tables.

It’s still a big green space with a good playground in a busy area of the city. But given the extensive work put into the upgrade, it feels like a missed opportunity.

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