#88: Dude Chilling Park

“Imagine youself as a dude, lost in Vancouver, in dire need of a good chill. Then suddenly his park appears seemingly out of nowhere as the prime location to chill real hard. It is some sort of Narnia within Vancouver..”

#7 in Mount Pleasant

2390 Brunswick Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


(cracks knuckles, flexes elbows) 

Here’s the Fun Story About Dude Chilling Park That Shows Just How Cool We Are: a local artist put up a deepfake sign for the park — which is actually called Guelph — that said “Dude Chilling” in 2012, referencing the park’s charming art piece, a wooden reclining figure.

The park board took it down, because that’s what bureaucratic bodies do when regulations are broken, but the people signed petitions, and the board voted to install a new version of the sign, and there was much rejoicing and online virality. 

Now it’s commonly called Dude Chilling Park, and fits completely with the ethos of a hipster East Van park, where 30somethings can let their dog roam off-leash, or share a couple beverages with friends — both activities technically banned, but after all, the dude abides.  

It’s a fun story! You can tell your friends from out of town about it, and it makes our city look silly but ultimately responsive to public demands!

(it’s also another story about a political party that ran vancouver for a decade which was very responsive to basic things that made millennials excited, and then very unresponsive for years when home prices started exploding beyond the reach of those millennials, but that’s another story!)

The tiny playground on the far corner of Dude Chilling is the only thing of note for children.

Unfortunately, ultimately, Dude Chilling is a flat piece of grass, with a very underwhelming playground, a couple of older tennis courts, and a port-a-potty in lieu of a real washroom. The grass is not great for sports, and the vibe is not ideal unless you’re there for Millennial drinking or dogs running.

Claiming Dude Chilling is a great park is something said by a person who barely leaves Mount Pleasant; it’s something said by a person who enjoys talking about local culture more than actually being in parks.

It’s a fine patch of land, particularly if you’re a large group of young adults, and particularly if you enjoy a park with some recent history and character.

But let’s not go crazy here: this is a city blessed with amazing green spaces. Dude Chilling isn’t one of them.

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