#84: Carnarvon Park

“Pretty decent.”

#3 in Arbutus Ridge

2995 West 19th Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Another big fields-and-playground-and washroom park taking up several city blocks, Carnarvon has a few interesting elements to raise it above the pack a bit.

One is the weird old-timey fitness course, a collection of equipment that looks like it hasn’t been upgraded in decades, but seems usable for basic chin-ups or whatever it is one does on a balancing beam. Another is a pair of excellent play structures between the fields and the school, one with rubber turf and ramps and plenty of climbing equipment for all ages. And the baseball fields are popular, with just the right amount of space in between each of them.

An aerial shot of Vancouver in the early 1970s shows that Carnarvon (bottom left) hasn’t changed much in 50 years. (Courtesy Vancouver Archives)

Factor in a decent amount of trees providing cover in the summer, and you’ve got a park with a lot of different elements that work for a lot of different groups.

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