#189: Park Site on Shaughnessy

“Getting to the park can be a bit confusing.”

#8 in Marpole

9250 Shaughnessy Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


One of the stranger bits of parkland in the city is tucked in an industrial area south of Marine Drive, south of Kent Street — which serves as the main corridor for the businesses all the way down Shaughnessy Street to the Fraser River.

Walk, bike or drive past all that and you’ll reach the end of the road, and then see on your left what amounts to a secret park: less a cohesive green space and more a collection of things you can use.

There’s a covered picnic table, rare in a city that doesn’t prioritize them, a few benches, and the only beach volleyball courts in the south side of the city. Navigate the rocks, and you’ll be able to get right next to the river, with a very rocky beach there for sitting. 

It’s quite amusing, if fairly confusing, especially since the city barely acknowledges the existence of the park, and has shown no real interest in improving it, despite a request in the 2014 Marpole Plan for improved signage and lighting. 

But if you work in the area — or just live south of 41st and crave some quick beach volleyball — it will probably do the trick. 

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