#183: McCleery Golf Course

“You will have 4 to 5 mosquitoes circling you at all times.”

#8 in Kerrisdale

7188 Macdonald Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


There has always been debate over Vancouver’s golf courses. 

The immense amount of land they take up, the development pressures that came with population growth, the ebb and flow and golf’s standing in society have meant the location of Vancouver’s golf courses in the first half of the 20th century regularly shifted: courses at Jericho Beach and Quilchena were shuttered, while courses hugging the west coast of the city flourished. Today, the future of the city’s three public courses are periodically debated, while one private club has been transferred back to the Musqueam, with another set to do so in 2033. 

But back to those public courses: there are three of them, all in different areas in the south side of Vancouver, all in good condition and all with interesting birds and plants for people to enjoy if they prefer a walk around the boundaries of the course instead of swinging a seven iron. 

The Jericho Golf Club in the early 20th century probably had the greatest views of any Vancouver course, past or present (Courtesy Vancouver Archives)

McCleery is the least interesting of them though: formerly a family farm, the course is mostly flat and plain from a topographic standpoint. The course has a few too many water hazards for a novice to particularly enjoy, but the routing isn’t particularly exciting for those who have played some of the region’s other tracks. 

Of course, it’s still a good walk spoiled, with a couple of views of the Fraser River added in, and if you’re smart enough not to pick up the game, it becomes a good walk, period. 

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