#165: Hillcrest Park

“The fields are always swampy.”

#6 in Riley Park

4501 Clancy Loranger Way

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


The Hillcrest Community Centre is probably the best community centre in the city — the legacy of being a host venue for the 2010 Olympics means it has great curling and hockey rinks, along with an indoor and outdoor swimming area.

But the public-access park surrounding it suffers — the baseball fields are good, but the soccer fields have some drainage issues, the playground is very minuscule, the shade is non-existence and there’s a surprising lack of a walking/biking path through the immense and endless fields.     

We’ll admit that the Hillcrest Geyser water feature, which has been dormant during the pandemic, could give Hillcrest a boost up in the future…though only so high for a park that lacks a lot of secondary features. 

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