#140: Sutcliffe Park

“Well maintained flower beds.”

#6 in Fairview

1318 Cartwright Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A co-worker from Alberta once said that “Vancouver is a city entirely designed to maximize its views” and Sutcliffe Park is a good example of that — there’s not here other than the views of Granville Island, Downtown, and South False Creek, but man, they’re good views.

Otherwise, this is a weirdly disjointed area directly south of Granville Island, with some nice plants and few pieces of art (including a modern totem pole and an old dragline bucket), but not much to do before it transitions to the more narrow bike and pedestrian path on the east and the island to the north

When you’re surrounded by pleasant grass and oceans views near the heart of the city though, it’s difficult to find too much fault.

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