#126: Marina Square

“part of a difficult network of inexperienced spaces throughout the coal harbor neighborhood.”

#11 in Downtown

1675 Bayshore Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


One of several developer-funded parks created during the downtown condo boom of 1990-2010, Marina Square is…well, a square. And it’s deep in the heart of Coal Harbour, which means it’s less vibrant than one might expect. 

However, there’s a lovely terraced garden, with granite fountains and steps that allow for simple but fun exploration. There’s plenty of sitting areas surrounding the park, and the open space in the middle is large enough for a wide variety of non-sport needs. Can’t forget about that ocean view, either. 

And finally, there’s a giant bell right outside the park that you can gong. If all that isn’t enough to elevate a simple park into something quite pleasant, we’re not sure what is.


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