#120: William Mackie Park

“Kids need better slides and swings.”

#4 in Marpole

1592 West 71st Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Continuing our tour of some of the city’s smaller parks, William Mackie is a small space in a sedate area in the far southwest of the city, between the 70th/Granville intersection and the industrial area next to the Fraser River.

Walk down steps to the quasi-sunken area, and you’ll see a couple of tables, a playground, a small field and a small basketball court. The ample tall trees provide lots of shade, and it integrates into the Arbutus Greenway fairly decently. 

At the same time, the playground is both small and in need of serious upgrades, while the green area in the middle is a little too cramped for anything but a small family or friend gathering, or perhaps light play with children. 

Still, there are good bones here, and with the park board committing to an upgrade, (including new playgrounds and a washroom) there’s potential it could become a top-tier tiny park.

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