#110: Kaslo Park

“Great new playground”

#8 in Hastings-Sunrise

2851 East 7th Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A quirky park just off Renfew and 7th, Kaslo consists of a giant hill, tennis courts and playground, in a quiet area of East Van next to a co-op. 

But the playground is one of the newest in the city, and it demands to be highlighted — a steep slide and climbing wall integrate seamlessly into the park’s hill. And at the bottom, there’s a full playground that is excellent for kids 8-12, with two solid slides, and a weird crescent-shaped jungle gym. There’s also a couple springy swings and other play accessories for younger kids. 

All of which is to say that if we were ranking parks solely for children, Kaslo would be around #35. But the rest of the park is fairly pedestrian (outside of the lovely view from the top of the hill), which is why we’re talking about it here.

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