#228: Thunderbird Park

“Nothing much to explore.”

#20 in Hastings-Sunrise

3485 East 2nd Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


With so many parks in the city, it’s inevitable that some of them will need more TLC than others, but it’s particularly noticeable at Thunderbird Park, where exposed rust permeated through the 1980s play structure, and the noise from cars on Hastings heading to Highway 1 roars through the trees.

With a small field and a few trees, it’s certainly possible we have underrated (slightly) this park, but the lack of amenities outside the dying play structure left us with disappointment, so here it sits.

Next year though, it will get a higher ranking, as the playground was replaced in 2022.

Unfortunately for this project though, the park board thought so little of the upgrade that they didn’t bother to update their website where they list more than two dozen renovations across the system, perhaps symbolic of their care for this area over the years.

And so, for now, here it sits.

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